The Source

Source, founded in 1987, is a faith based non-profit organization that reaches out to young people who are alienated and disenfranchised.

Although many already have devastating and troubling histories, most are disillusioned with the church, and see faith as irrelevant.

Our holistic approach of being a FRIEND (serving physical, emotional, and spiritual needs) and a VOICE (communicating Godís love, forgiveness, and truth about Jesus) allows us to reach those who do not desire contact with Christians or would come into a church.

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Jesus Freaks

Jesus Freaks started in 1991 with 4 guys in a Hamburg living room. 1995 was the year it really took off and the first training meeting was called Freakstock. That small seminar became a Christian Festival and those 4 guys on couches became 80 churches.

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