Ministries in North America

View all of the Underground Railroad's ministries in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We're not entirely sure what to do with the Caribbean yet; we'll fix that when we get there.


Red Herring Cathedral

The Red Herring Cathedral was a coffee house ministry for the post-Christian youth culture of Winnipeg circa 1995-2000.
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Refugee' Community

Refugee' Community in Kitchener, Ontario.
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Worldshakers Christian Growth Center

Worldshakers Christian Growth Center - Vancouver, BC.
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Advanced Institute of Ministry

Advanced Institute of Ministry in San Francisco.
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Black Friday

Black Friday in Seattle.
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Broad Ripple INroads

Broad Ripple INroads in Indianapolis, IN.
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Deliverance Bible Church

Deliverance Bible Church in Hurst, TX.
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Glen Clark Family

Glen Clark Family in Plant City, FL.
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Jesus Coffeehouse

Jesus Coffeehouse in Bloomington, IL.
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Nation of the Underground

Nation of the Underground in Dallas, TX.
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Paradox in Lambertville, MI.
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Prodigal Project

Prodigal Project is a non-profit, grassroots, community-based organization focused on evangelism by word, deed, and lifestyle.
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Red Rooster Coffee House

Red Rooster Coffee House in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
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Revolution Church New York City

Revolution Church is centered on the firm belief that it is our calling as followers of Christ to show all people the unconditional love and grace of Jesus
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Rise Above Ministries

Rise Above Ministries in San Antonio, TX.
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Scarlet Cord

Scarlet Cord in Brookville, PA.
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Soul Junk

Soul Junk in San Diego, CA.
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Spirit Garage

Spirit Garage in Minneapolis, MN.
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Street Level

Street Level New Orleans.
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The Bridge Christian Church

The Bridge Christian Church in Portland, OR.
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The Refuge

The Refuge of St Petersburg
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The Source

Source, founded in 1987, is a faith based non-profit organization that reaches out to young people who are alienated and disenfranchised.
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Unlimited Glory Ministries

Unlimited Glory Ministries in Kansas, IL.
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United States

Freek Zone

An opportunity to hang out in a coffee house-style format for goths, punks, metal-heads, and those who feel as if they don't fit in, joining with like-minded individuals to build an accepting community and a sense of belonging.
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Steiger International

Steiger International is dedicated to going to secular young people, leading them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, and helping them fulfill Gods calling for their lives.

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